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Chronicle of Events&Certification&Honor

In 1998 trend through the China Quality Supervision Administration of the strict examination, as the first to have "water amusement equipment production permit" business.
In 1998 trend planning, design and construction of the Jinan Hawaii Water Park opened, creating a domestic water park culture theme packaging precedent.
In 1999 for the first time proposed management system construction.
In 1999 trend to participate in the investment and construction of the Caribbean water city of Dongguan opened.
In 2000 to accept the Chinese entertainment machine testing center invited to participate in "common equipment common conditions" GB / T18168-2000 standard drafting.
In 2000 Shijiazhuang Tianshan sea world opened, was the largest domestic indoor water park come out.
In 2000, trusted by Sports and Amusement Association of China, successfully held “China Water Amusement Industry Annual Conference 2000”;
In 2000 Shijiazhuang Tianshan sea world opened, was the largest domestic indoor water park come out.
In 2001, attained membership of Special Equipment Association of Guangdong Province;
In 2002 Dongguan water bite playing water park, which is the first to introduce the concept of SPA water park.
In 2002 for the Yunnan Honghe Tobacco Group to build the hot spring park opened, the trend into the field of SPA.
In 2002, President Wen Youquan received a master's degree in business administration from the Baptist University and completed a systematic study of modern enterprise management knowledge.
In 2003, passed ISO9001 Cert;
In 2003 the Dalian Water Human Water Park project be Completed. The water park all use of water, the trend to become the world's first water park equipment manufacturers have the water corrosion technology.
In 2003 the first large water house, swing slide, space bowl slide, installed in Dalian water world, greatly enriched the water park equipment types,  bring the Chinese tourist more new experience.
In 2004 Bangkok Marshall Waterpark, the trend of the overall planning, design and manufacture of complete sets of equipment to go abroad.
In 2004 Beijing Tongzhou Canal Garden large hot spring center opened, in which the water park by the trend of the total package design and construction.
In 2004 Lushan days Mu hot springs opened, the trend of the first "dynamic hot spring" concept once again recognized by the market.
In 2005 by the trend’s total design of Guangxi Nanning Jiahe City Hot Spring Water Park opened, the trend of comprehensive design capabilities have been verified and comprehensively improved.
In 2006 Russian sea cucumber sea water park, Kyrgyzstan water park, Liaoning Benxi Tongquan water park, Suzhou water park and other projects.
In 2006 was named China Bath Association 50 good companies, and won the Star Award.
In 2006, won the national title of Top 50 in Bath Industry, and honored as “Starlight Awards”;
In 2007, be deemed as Advanced Amusement Equipment Manufacturer;
In 2007, attained membership of Swimming Equipment Committee of China Swimming Association;
In 2008 received the national ropeway and amusement facilities standardization technical committee invited to participate in "amusement facilities norms" GB8408-2008 and "amusement equipment common technical conditions" GB / T18168-2000 revision.
In 2008 international financial crisis, the trend once again facing the order crisis, and a serious loss.
In 2009, be appointed as Executive Director of China Tour Association;
In 2009, became the Sector Committee of National Ropeway and Amusement Facility Standardization Technology Committee;
In 2009, the development of the Ganjiangyuan National Nature Conservation Ecological Drifting Project, which was developed by the trend of independent investment in 2009, and the first design standard of the drifting industry was introduced as a reference model for the relevant units of the country.
In 2010, be qualified as the Executive Director of Amusement Equipment&Amusement Park Association of China;
2010 trend for the first time exceeded 100 million yuan mark.
2010 Jiangxi Shicheng County Tourism Culture Festival, the trend of hot springs drifting two scenic spots well received.
In 2011 sales exceeded 200 million.
In 2011 trend for the first time to create an international manufacturing base ideas.
In 2012, awarded a plaque for sponsoring poor students of their study.
In 2012 trend building completed.
In 2012 the establishment of the trend of the Institute. The Group will cooperate with a number of domestic universities and national research institutes to introduce high-tech, basic and low-level technology and research and development to lay the technical foundation for China to create a transformation to China.
In 2013 the first batch of plant put into operation in Huizhou. Trend will put the research , development, manufacturing and testing together in the Huizhou base. The world's leading water park equipment development center.
In 2013 sales exceeded 300 million.
In 2013 trend launched the "brand year" slogan.
In 2014, became the Member of IAAPA.
March 7, 2014 The 20th anniversary of the founding group was held.
In 2015, honored as Standing Director Member of Guangdong Chamber of China Scholar Merchant League;
In 2015, awarded as The Best Hot Spring Supplier By China Golden Hot Spring Award;
In 2016, Wen Youquan director, was regared as the china’s top ten hot spring tourism news person.
in 2017,Guangzhou Trend Tourism Planning and Gesign Co.,Ltd is honoured as The Excellent Design Organization by China Golden Hot Spring Award.
In 2019,Guangzhou Trend Waterpark Equipment Co., Ltd pass the "National High-tech Enterprise" identified.  

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