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How to ensure the quality and safety of the products?
form: chaoliu  Time2017-07-20
1. Our company is the first company to introduce ISO9001 quality control system in the same industry, and we have strictly followed the relevant regulations of ISO9001 in the process of production and installation.
2, our company is the domestic first batch obtains the national "special equipment manufacturing license" and "special equipment installation, modification, maintenance license" double certificate of enterprise, and GB/T 18168-2008 "the aquatic amusement equipment general technical conditions" and GB8408-2008 amusement facilities safety codes and other industry standards of one of the authors.
In addition, we have 18 years of industry experience, and have successfully served more than one thousand customers at home and abroad. Besides, we are also the sole service provider of changlong water park, Asia's largest water park.

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