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A new indoor water park in Harbin
form: 未知  Time2017-10-24
A new indoor water park in Harbin
--Tropical islands in the ice and Snow kingdoms
With the coldest winter and the most beautiful ice sculpture , the most fresh beer and the most forthright man in China—Harbin, a city that you want come for a visit  but no consider of the thousands of miles.
When Hainan Island Coconut Breeze is blowing, Harbin is freezing and snow. Because the winter is too long, Harbin people will inevitably miss the days to play water in the summer. After experiences the water park we have built in Northeast China Region, the investor finds us and proposes an idea to build an indoor water park in the city.
When the water park has become saturated in quantity, we will have to raise the quality. Product quality naturally do not have to stress, the creative quality, is the key of  succeed in the marketplace.
City center, three floors, indoor, tropical, 12000 flat, after know the key words that customers offered to us, Trend Group designed for them and equipped the Tornado Water Slides, Lazy River, Wave Pool, Water House and so on. Different with other water parks, the Lazy River in this project is “float” in the sky, because the riverbed of this Lazy River is hyaline and we can see the people in the river.
Just imagine, when people in the outdoor wearing heavy clothes and fighting with the cold winter, those people in the warm water park can play water with friends like you are in the tropical islands, it’s amazing!
Now the water park is under constructing and be complete in the June, then you can experiences this totally different indoor water park.

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