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Kazakhstan Dorman Water Park
form: 未知  Time2017-11-30
Kazakhstan Dorman Water Park is invested by Astana Dorman Center and it is completed in this summer.

With an covering areas over 17000sq.m, Dorman Center is consist of Shopping center, Kids Play Center, Ocean Pavilion, Jungle Park and so on.
Trend Group was conducted a deep study, field visits for Dorman Center and make the most of existing structures to selected the best suitable water slides for Dorman Water Park, to create it become a water play center in the frozen world. There are many attractive water park equipments in this project, such as Tornado water slide, Space Bowl water slide, Racing water slide, Spiral water slide, Wave pool, Lazy river, water house and so on. It is combined with wave pool and lazy river, makes the whole park very attractive.
At the same time, this park will Install the biggest ferris wheel and you can overlooking the whole city. These entertainment elements make Astana become a dream fashion capital.
Water park is expected to open in June 2017 to welcome guests, to the modern Astana add a new place to play.

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