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Avoid the damage caused by water amusement equipment
form: 未知  Time2017-09-22
In order to avoid the damage caused by water amusement equipment, the management of amusement equipment should pay attention to the following points:
1. The management unit of the amusement equipment shall be equipped with sufficient rescue personnel and life-saving equipment for the water amusement equipment, and the facilities that are not easily observed on the surface of the water shall be equipped with a high guard post. The clothes of lifesaving personnel should be uniform and easy to identify, and corresponding contact equipment, communication equipment and life-saving tools should be configured.
2. The management unit of the amusement equipment shall set up the conspicuous tourist instructions and warning signs in the appropriate parts of the equipment or facilities. When the amusement equipment is in danger of exceeding the predetermined position in the operation, it shall have the limit control and the limit position control device. The control device shall be safe and reliable.
3. The amusement equipment management unit should be chosen to meet the requirements of safety specifications amusement facilities equipment, amusement equipment, within 30 days after the put to use, should be to the local special equipment safety supervision and management departments to register, the level of technical documents and shall establish amusement facilities.
4. The amusement equipment must be checked before operation every day. After checking and running, the equipment can be officially operated, and the operation record should be done.
5. The amusement equipment should be checked and maintained in a more comprehensive manner every six months, and the inspection status, maintenance contents and results shall be recorded and archived. For the use of hazardous chemicals should be supervised by special persons, and corresponding warning labels shall be set.
6. The operator of the large-scale amusement equipment and related management personnel, shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state by the special equipment safety supervision and management department of examination qualified, obtains the national unified format of the special operations personnel certificate, shall not engage in.

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