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Zhengzhou Fangte water park project
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                            Zhengzhou Fangte water park project

                           Zhengzhou Fantawild Waterpark - 2016 "Ferris award winner

  Zhengzhou infante water park by Shenzhen Huaqiang group investment 5 billion yuan in the construction of large high-tech water park project, infante water park. Zhengzhou Fangte water park design, construction, construction group by tide.

Current group by virtue of years of technical bottoming and rich project experience, in Zhengzhou infante water park create a number of international mainstream boutique project. Such as soaring, big horn, trumpet, world-class water slide projects; second to none in the domestic large-scale interactive kiosk "bear infested", which got many international tourism industry association best water equipment award, of which 14 March 2016, Zhengzhou water park in "Ferris award won" most popular Waterpark Award ". In addition, current group for world water area of Zhengzhou infante water park to create the largest, highest wave of "hurricane bay", 1.5 meters of continuous wave and 3 meters high tsunami waves, can enjoy the waves a strong impact of the infinite pleasure.

Special water park project:

  1, the bay of love: a total area of nearly 10000 square meters of ocean wave pool, construction of the current group of wave making facilities have a variety of wave making mode, perfect simulation of the waves of ups and downs, and sometimes light waves waving a refreshing dip, surfy like surfing in the sea, give you bring to surf the sea of true feelings.

  2, hurricane Bay: Hurricane Bay is the water area of the world largest, highest wave of "vacuum created wave pool", continuous wave 1.5 meters and 3 meters high tsunami waves from different directions impact waterfront, rough surf, cool breezes swept to, allowing you to enjoy strong shock waves of the infinite pleasure.

  3, bear infested kiosk: the leading large bear infested interactive kiosk, is the integration of a variety of integrated equipment in one of the family swimming project, by numerous circling the ladder and slideway is composed of a hut in the forest, stands in the rippling water, play the trails and various water activities for all ages, the whole family to share, a cool summer.

  4, a soaring, soaring in the sky, also known as cyclotron, on rafts down from the 19 metre high platform at the entrance, like spacecraft swooped down, after crossing the nadir with great inertia rushed across the ramp skateboarding, and quickly climbed to the highest point, experience the pleasure, "the sky"; cry Fu timing, and under the action of gravity down quickly climb, after a sharp turn 90 degree drop tank, experience "roundabout" dizzy.

  5, big horn: won the international tourism industry "golden ticket Award for best new project" big horn slideway, novelty pleasure, do not play! 4-6 raft 14.6 meters high tower slide down from the inhalation of big speakers, such as a tornado general thrilling exciting experience, let the big horn to your portrait Huan call spread to every corner of the park, the passion you never miss.

  6, small trumpet: mini "small horn" is the exclusive small friends, two people by the raft can be accompanied by the father and mother ride, less a thrilling, a more joy. There are various forms of combination slide, playful fashion wins!
  7, the rainbow chute: Subversion of the traditional single ramp project, lying on the slide fast glide, Mercedes Benz subduction through a series of "small hump, bring you dive down an exciting experience, enjoy the thrill of the maneuvering of the competition, and friends together Bibi who slip farther!
  8, Fengchi limit: limit of Fengchi from red variable slope slide, blue high speed spiral, yellow speed slide three slideway water slides: Red variable slope slide two-stage transmission; blue high speed spiral chute rotating twisted and experience the powerful centrifugal impact; more specifically for brave design yellow speed slide, from the sixth floor platform to 7 meters per second speed close to the nearly vertical sliding surface of undershoot, limit stimulation, let you experience the feeling of splash.

  9, dizzy: transparent, streamer, black holes, slide open winding staggered, multiple slide selection, a variety of new experiences! To be alone or together with Buddy two, passion slide in joy spiral maneuver.

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