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Liaoning Anshan Yutangquan water park
form: 未知  Time2019-07-15
Yutangquan water park covers an area of 30,000 square meters ,it is located in Anshan city development zone ,Liaoning province. As a large indoor water park with the hot springs 、SPA and water park, this water park can hold ten thousands of people one day .Trend Group provide all kinds of exciting products to this water park, such as Tantrum valley、 Boomerang water slide, Aqua Loop and etc. It also combine wave generation with endless pool, the waterfall stage and Brilliant scene together, now, this project    is the most popular indoor water park in the Northeast of China.
Trend Group was founded in 1994, with more than 23 years experiences in water park industry, as the first overall supplier in China, we can offer you high quality products and best suitable design for your water park.
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