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Peru Cusco Waterpark
form: 未知  Time2019-07-15
  After nearly a year of unremitting efforts, located in southern Peru Cusco water park project is about to complete, is expected to open in the near future. The water park is the first water park in Cusco province, is also an indoor water park, covering a total area of ​​5000 square meters; products mainly involved: water slides, waves pool, water Fortress, water play equipment, etc.
The theme park where the Cusco Waterpark is located is a comprehensive theme park integrating leisure, entertainment, fitness, travel and other functions. The park has a clear river, elegant environment, people can bathe in the golden beach warm sunshine, you can in the mysterious and exciting jungle adventure; Even better, you can enjoy life in a happy and exciting water park.
Into the water park, the first thing that catches the eye is a splash of water disco, where people can enjoy the water park in the summer of relaxation with physical and mental pleasure, Close to the water disco is the warm interaction of the water, which is the family of paradise. A lovely animal and plant model or daily necessities model of the opera pieces, gestures thousands, vivid, to the children to bring endless fun.
Turn the water Fortress is wave pool which every water park essential, the trend of designers according to local conditions, fully integrated with the local natural landscape and the existing environment designed, and the surrounding environment totally natural, will be the theme of harmony with nature. People barefoot on the soft and wet sandy beach, you can indulge in running. The waves rushed to the shore, gently stroked the soft sandy beach, and reluctantly returned, like a never stop the perpetual motion machine, in the beach to draw a section of the silver side.
Finally there have a row of colorful rainbow slides, slides in a series of twists and turns of the design, not only to stimulate the participants of the nerve, and let those who want a showdown of people eager.
Trend in the construction of profitability and the most influential in the local water park original intention, Which has been approved by Peru for our water entertainment projects, and we believe that in the near future our projects will bring more joy to the Peruvians.

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