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How to safely use and manage water slides?
form: 未知  Time2017-07-20
How to safely use and manage water slides
1, should be in the position of the obvious recreation rules of aquatic amusement facilities and tourist information, operation service personnel shall, from time to time, send to tourist publicity and matters needing attention, and set up the broadcast propaganda, repeatedly remind tourists pay attention to safety, prevent the dangerous behavior of tourists, prevent the happening of the accident.
2. There should be an obvious warning sign for tourists to notice the dangerous parts.
3. Monitoring stations should be set up on all water amusement projects. The number and location of special persons on duty and monitoring stations shall be able to see the full pool scope.
Be equipped with enough lifeguards. The lifeguard must meet the requirements of the relevant department and be trained to master the knowledge and skills of lifesaving.
5. Report weather changes to visitors at any time and provide safe places or other protective measures for tourists to avoid wind and rain.
6. The ground in the water park should ensure no water, no broken glass and other sharp objects.
7. Set up the duty room, equipped with the duty crew, set up the clinic, and equipped with medical staff and first aid facilities capable of emergency work.
8. Safe use of chemicals, clean the pool bottom before business daily, and the floating debris shall be salvaged.
9, time every day to check water quality, water quality should meet GB9667-1996 "swimming places health standard" regulation, safety management and service quality should comply with the GB/T16767-1997 "amusement park (field) safety and quality of service".
10, opening night, its main channel and the p

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