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What advantages does the current company have for building water parks?
form: 未知  Time2017-09-22
What advantages does the current company have for building water parks?
1. Rich water park design and construction experience, 20 years of grinding a sword!
For 20 years, we've done just one thing: work on extracting entertainment from the water! Will be entertainment elements permeated various fields of water entertainment, continuous innovation, constantly launch has unique experience of the new concept of entertainment makes China's entertainment industry is full of Chinese cultural characteristics, water breakthrough the bottleneck of simply copying foreign models. We adhere to the professional spirit of "doing the best in a limited field", choosing water and entertainment, and making money with water. Over the past 20 years, as global built more than 1200 water entertainment project, engineering case throughout China's 28 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and best-selling eastern Europe, South America, Australia, Africa, the Middle East and southeast Asia and other regions.
2. Build a profitable water park concept.
The water park investment is bigger and bigger, the market share is more and more divided, the competition is becoming more and more fierce, the risk of water park investment is beginning to appear. The trend group takes "building profitable water park" as the customer value proposition, and takes the lead in proposing the concept of "soft manufacturing". Provide market research, investment planning, brand planning, planning and design, equipment manufacturing, construction and operation management, marketing, training services, such as full service, guarantee water park from overall popularity and profitability.
Trend group in addition to having the largest water park equipment manufacturing base, also has its own design institute (fashion design institute), training institutions (trend), consultancy (if the company), as well as the hot spring resort, water park and large drift scenic spot, for investment clients in water park equipment hardware and soft services one-stop full service.
3. "one-stop service, customer lifetime" service concept.
Since the establishment of the company, the company has been "on the basis of specialization", namely water park one-stop service, as the basic policy of enterprise development. Out of the water park, investment planning, planning, design, construction design, equipment manufacturing, and engineering installation, system commissioning, after-sales service, personnel training, management consulting, rebuilding the expansion and operation and long-term supply of spare parts, etc.
The concept of "customer lifetime" is to be a lifelong partner. Under the guidance of this concept, the trend company has a large number of successive phases or chain scenic spots to find the trend to serve them. We do for them, such as: shenzhen huaqiang group six water park project, shijiazhuang TianShanHai group, guangxi jia and water park, zhuhai dream, tanghe rockery water park, Inner Mongolia water world... And so on.
4. Have professional design institute and product research and development force.
Guangzhou fashion design institute is a professional design institute of guangzhou TRG group, which was established in 1995. It is the first research and development design institute of water recreation engineering in China. Guangzhou fashion institute of design institute consists of water entertainment, product research and development, planning, design, engineering design, design creative center, project management and other professional departments, with tourism research, investment planning, planning, landscape architecture, landscape, architecture, decoration, structure, mechanical, water supply and drainage, hvac, electrical and so on various professional and technical personnel, to provide from market research, project planning, plane design, landscape, architecture, decoration, water, electrical and mechanical engineering, such as one-stop professional design consulting services. Set up 20 years, has focused on hot springs, rafting, water park, SPA and other water entertainment project planning and creation, the leisure tourism resort, theme water park, hot spring SPA boutique hotel and other kinds of water entertainment project design construction has accumulated abundant practical experience and profound, all over the country completed the considerable influence the engineering performance of the item, for project investment to create a good social reputation and economic benefits.
5. The company has complete qualification and mature management system advantages
First country to have issued special equipment manufacturing, installation, maintenance, alteration permit, is the one of the earliest peer through the ISO9001 international quality system certification unit, more secure, engineering quality and safety is "the standing director unit of China association of amusement parks", "international swimming association member", "China hot spring tourism association, standing director unit", "the Chinese swimming association equipment committee member", "China sporting goods federation member", "guangdong province quality technology association member units, the company set up special quality control department, equipment production, before delivery, installation and construction process of technical secondary school, strictly the quality pass. Company has a quality management department, full-time quality control personnel 10 people, including engineer 2 people, technical inspector 8 people, has a complete testing instruments, all test instruments by relevant government functional departments of inspection, and used in the inspection period of validity.
6. Professional after-sales service team.
Company "customer service" is equipped with special after-sale service department for more than ten years, has experienced after-sales service, providing customers with quality assurance period, but also long-term maintenance services to provide customers with quality assurance period. Customer service department, professional service team 19, engineer 6, technician 13, have glass and steel, electrical, water supply and drainage, machinery, steel structure and other professional personnel.


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