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Guizhou Barry osmanthus waterpark will be opened in August
form: 未知  Time2016-09-09

Guizhou Barry osmanthus waterpark will be opened in August

It is reported that the construction of Barry osmanthus waterpark construction ,funded by the Guizhou Bo League Group ,is in an orderly way and it will be opened in August.
Barry osmanthus Waterpark is located in Longquan town of Bai Zi Yang Hung village dam, two kilometers from the county, with a total investment of 305 millions, a total area of 80,000 square meters,Hui Bo UNITA group devotes itself to built the largest leisure and entertainment , leisure sports as one of the water park in Guizhou. The project has a  artificial wave pool, fun pool, standard pool, playground, rainbow race slide, spiral curves slides, spiral slides open, behemoth super bowl, big horn giant slide and other large water rides for young and old. It is a good place to play the scorching summer.
Liaoqi Gang,the Fenggang county party secretary, pointed out that Barry osmanthus waterpark as an important part of Fenggang County tourism projects, not only can quickly improve local popularity, but also enhance the city's image and improve the living environment.


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