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Hebei warm children Creek Scenic integrated tourism development project
form: 未知  Time2016-12-12

Hebei warm children Creek Scenic integrated tourism development project

Project Overview
Location: Chengde
ID: 117462
Published: [11 August 2016]
Progress stage: a total investment of engineering 25110 (million)
Construction: New
Construction period: 2016-08-25 to 2017-11-25
Industry: Service
Project Description:
Construction Content/main products;building warm children scenic river water environmental engineering and construction of tourism facilities, including: Mulberry Village dam construction, dam seepage engineering, rafting and channel sorting, spa resorts transformation, tourism cableway, river surrounding stars construction of hotels and entertainment, children warm river style town development, water park, waterfalls piercing, canyons and development and construction of ancillary facilities, with a total construction area of 25,800 square meters (18,000 square meters comprehensive transformation of residential, resort and spa-style small town 7800 m2). It can receive 100000 tourists every year
Disclaimer: The above information is only for reference and details of the project please consult the relevant units!


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