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Heilongjiang Dongfanghong Forestry bureau Nancha lake park is expected to Open in July
form: 未知  Time2016-09-09

Heilongjiang Dongfanghong Forestry bureau Nancha lake park is expected to Open in July

Dongfanghong Forestry Bureau will introduce the most popular large outdoor water park - Nancha Lake Park, it was built by the trend Groups,  providing planning and design, equipment, construction, installation and after-sale one-stop service. This project is located in the eastern part of Heilongjiang.Due to the terrain, a beautiful environment, the designers in the planning and design unique combination of terrain, the entertainment, dabble and Nancha lake Park Nancha to create distinctive water park, which will allow visitors refreshing entertainment endless.
The smooth construction of Dongfanghong Forestry Bureau Nancha lake park fill the gaps in the local free water park, the project is divided into two, the first phase of planning include  water park equipment wave pendulum slide, roundabout sky slides, rainbow, speed combination of slides, wave pool, a large kiosk and so on.
Nancha Lake Park is expected to open in July 2016, the project will be crowd quickly gathered,greatly improving the local popularity,  promoting local economic development and playing an important role in tourism.


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